Why it’s time we all quit our meat addiction


It is fair to say that we in the west have quite the love affair with our meats. Almost every meal and delicacy revolve around a particular meat, and the manner in which it is cooked.

In fact it is not inconceivable that you get the majority of your daily calories from some kind of animal product; eggs at breakfast, ham sandwich for lunch and some chicken at dinner would not be outlandish. Indeed you mustn’t let the title mislead you, I love nothing more than sinking my teeth into all kinds of fleshy goodness, so it is with a heavy heart that I say to you we need to give it up. Our feasting habits are very much becoming one of our most endangering vices- unlike the other, more fun, ones we are happy to push it on everyone. Even the children. Won’t someone, please, think of the children!?

Now I know what you are thinking but I shan’t bore you with all the talk of health, how red meat will give you cancers and heart diseases of all kinds. No, the real danger of this dependence is far, far, greater. I am talking a clear danger to our very civilization and way of life. Now, you think to yourself, that’s quite melodramatic. I too scoffed at Paul McCartney when he said vegetarianism would save the world- but the old bugger may well be right.

On the point of public health it is entirely no coincidence that obesity in the waste has become a pandemic only in the years in which meat production, and consumption, increased so heavily. Before, and during, WWII meat was something of a luxury- especially in the case of beef. The increased surpluses of grains would enable for the industrial scale production of beef, and other livestock. And, so, the ever greater availability of meats would lead us consume more and more of the stuff-leading us to our meat insatiable present! In the US the average person consumes an incredible 120kg of meat in a year. According to, slightly bias, sources around 10 billion animals are slaughtered a year for food, and this rate is only climbing.


Now let’s put aside the figures, and animal rights slant.

There is nothing altruistic in my argument though, I am here to entirely appeal to your most self serving and humanist interests. Hell you probably don’t even give a shit about the environment, so statistics on cattle methane or the carbon footprint are going to fall on deaf ears. I don’t blame you either. So long as you have power, water and food (a broadband connection too) you’ll probably be quite content. Rest of the planet be damned.

Well the bad news is no longer just your moobs , colon cancer or all the pollution. The ability to actual put that food on your table, water through the tap and power that modem is in very real danger! This was put into stark contrast, for me at least, by the sheer inefficiency of our terrible infatuation with animal produce in using such vast quantities of water. A single egg requires 53 gallons of fresh water to produce, a gallon of milk takes 880 gallons of water, absurd you may think but not according to a recent study by the GRACE Communications Foundation and there’s no reason to not believe them.

Consider the incredible inefficiency of livestock; you seed, grow and harvest crops just to¬† process them to then transport and feed to animals that you will then exploit for milk. Which you will then process, sell, transport and put on a supermarket shelf. Forget the carbon footprint, water security is a serious issue. I don’t know about you but I am quite fond of drinking it, bathing in it and generally making use of it for survival. Now consider the vast amount that is needed for agricultural production, then consider how much more is needed for power plant (those cooling towers ain’t there to look pretty) and finally how much is needed to, you know, actually drink.

Of course if you are living in the UK at this present time you may not appreciate that water scarcity is a real issue right now, and is only getting worse. Yes even in those sceptred, and rain battered, isles.


The most alarming aspect of this is simply the fact that it is a choice. Sure alcoholism and drug abuse are self destroying choices too, but in the case of meat we have a healthier substitute that gives the exact same benefits! Consider that a single lb of beef takes 1799 gallons of water compared to a mere 119 gallons for 1 lb of potatoes. Sure potatoes are fucking terrible compared to beef. Sure it isn’t down to you to single handedly solve water scarcity or the impending energy crisis. All I ask is that you consider your options; do you really need that glass of milk? or 3 different meats in a day? Do you even need meat every single day of your life? Could you suffer the indignity of some fruit or vegetables once in awhile? If not for the sake of your waistline at least consider how nice it is having water in the taps and electricity powering your life. By eating less meat you lessen the burden on the water table, on the electrical grid and on agriculture itself so that it may continue you for a long time to come. Sure my argument overblown, as though society will collapse on the basis of you having your morning bacon sandwich or not!?

Will no one think of the children? So fat they can barely survive in our gentile society, just imagine how they will fare in the Mad Maxesque future that you are creating for them!? You absolute monster.

Unaffected Youth.


Why the hell are kids today so boring?

For as long as anyone can care to remember the youth of that given day always seemed to represent some kind of affront to their elders. They always seem wild, out of control, rebelling against anything and everything. Always onto some kind of new vice and listening to some new weird and degenerate music. No matter what time you live the kids today are always nothing but trouble. Yet it seems that the millennials didn’t get the memo.

Last week the world watched in glee as Justin Bieber was arrested for the minor misdemeanor of having consumed a cocktail of narcotics and booze before drag racing in his sports car. Oh how the twittersphere squealed with delight. I hope the arrogant little bastard gets sodomized in jail!” – They, probably, said. Of course the media too delighted in another ‘out of control star’ story, shoving cameras at PR ‘gurus’ to tell us how damaging this would be to his brand, and so on. A google (other search engines are available) search for ‘Bieber out of control’ will yield 293,000,000 results. Most of which being headlines from mainstream media outlets. It is, after all, a tried and true story. An easy sell to concerned parents. The lazy bastards are going straight for the low hanging fruit.

Somehow a little grass and a drag race is the best today’s ‘out of control’ celebrities can come up with? To my mind this is the minimum I would expect from our uber-rich musicians. Whatever happened to rock and roll? Real excess; Getting wasted and driving your car into a swimming pool, before passing out. Throwing TVs from the window of your penthouse suite. Rumours of perverse and satanic sexual rituals. Endless orgies of drugs and women (maybe men too) before ending it all at 27, choking to death on your own vomit. Let’s face it, this generation is boring. The best we can reasonably hope for from one of today’s ‘rock stars’ is some kind of mental breakdown or a boring sex tape or a cringe inducing live outburst against those, ever pervasive, ‘haters‘.

We must face the fact that the up and comers are simply far more mundane and sensible than we have come to expect from youth. Kids today drink less, consume fewer drugs and are far more self aware than they have ever been. They don’t wanna be free; To do what they wanna do. And get loaded. And have a good time. At least not in the same way people used to. This is borne out by the savage sterility of young celebrities these days. Carefully managed in an age where every minute movement is seen and judged by all. Where ostentation is met with sanctimonious disapproval by every Joe Twit-head with an iPhone and an internet connection.

Sure there will still be excess and decadence- they never go out of style. But only in specially allotted times and places; a festival, a fresher’s week or some sleazy Mediterranean island. Binging, but in moderation, is the new model. No more scenes, or movements, that endure and crystallize into some kind of collective memory we all call back to when we think of some period in time.

Whatever happened to throwing caution to the wind? Forgetting tomorrow and living for today? Carpe Diem and all that jazz.

Well for starters we have the Great Societal Hangover to deal with; 30 odd years of cheap booze, cheap drunks and even cheaper credit has finally caught up to us. At this very moment it is as though all of the problems that were bubbling under the surface have sprung forth and, somehow, caught us by surprise. The environment, the economy, unemployment, public health, public debt, personal debt and so on and so forth. Not since the war has any generation had it this bad and never before has the future seemed so utterly bleak. The most essential quality of rebellion and reckless abandon is a kind of fearlessness, knowing that whatever the hell you’re doing is right and when it’s all said and done you will be no worse off for it. Yet you would be hard pressed to find any such certainty these days.

Perhaps we are not victims of circumstance though. Young people are just too damn narcissistic; rather than living in the moment, for its own sake, we must announce it on facebook or tweet about it and take pictures to show everyone later. Although it should come as no surprise- now, more than ever, we are constantly under surveillance; by our government, by our social media platforms and, worst of all, by ourselves. If the camera phone and the internet had been as pervasive back in the era of free love, or at the height of acid house, perhaps they too would have been overcome with a crippling sense of self loathing and a need to not look so damn crazy. Because in the cold light of day, laid bare for all the world to see, no one wants be out of control.

Simultaneously though we love to see other people in such a frenzied state and, further still, we love to judge. That is why rags will continue to hound even the most minor public figures, in the hope they might catch them at a moment of weakness, and we too will pry with them. We can’t help ourselves! This is also the reason we will find little but scraps and our young people will be so disappointingly dull.

Regardless of what fear mongering newspapers might lead you to believe youth is now a time of quiet tedium, partly choice and partly necessity. Maybe it will be for the best, given all of our ¬†problems sober minds will be needed, unfortunately that means I will be left entirely unfulfilled in my need to see Justin Bieber really fall off the rails. We can still act outraged the next time he dabbles in soft drugs or does something mildly obnoxious but it just isn’t out of control, it’s not what I’m after in my famous rich assholes. Frankly, it’s just boring.